“When you are recruiting a new police officer, you have to determine their suitability, reliability, honesty, and integrity”

It sometimes comes as a surprise when people find out that EUPOL COPPS, as an EU Mission, has a contingent of Canadian experts. Superintendent Karen Ziezold is one of those Canadian colleagues seconded by the Canadian authorities as the result of an...

Head of EUPOL COPPS Natalia Apostolova underlines commitment to police reform at meeting with Chief of Palestinian Police Hazem Attallah

The strong relationship built over many years between EUPOL COPPS and the Palestinian Civil Police (PCP) was emphasised during the first official meeting between new EUPOL COPPS Head Nataliya Apostolova and PCP Chief Hazem Attallah on 16 December.

EUPOL COPPS training provides new perspectives on professional performance evaluation for Palestinian Police

A two-day training held in Jericho on 14-15 December was organised by the Palestinian Civil Police (PCP), in cooperation with EUPOL COPPS, as part of efforts to modernise the way in which the performance of Palestinian police officers is evaluated.

EUPOL COPPS Head calls for honouring sacrifices made during pandemic by fighting corruption

On International Corruption Day 2020 (9 December), the Head of EUPOL COPPS Nataliya Apostolova called for a reinvigorated effort to fight corruption around the world at an international conference held in Ramallah, under the auspices of Palestinian...

New Head of EUPOL COPPS emphasises human rights, judicial independence and cooperation in meetings with key partners

The recently appointed Head of EUPOL COPPS, Nataliya Apostolova met with the Head of the Palestinian Anti-Corruption Commission (PACC), Ahmad Barak on 7 December 2020 as well as the Chief Justice and Head of the Transitional High Judicial Council...

EUPOL COPPS supports efforts to give former criminals a second chance

EUPOL COPPS facilitated a workshop for the Palestinian Ministry of Justice, held in Ramallah on 30 November, designed to create a clear mechanism for rehabilitating criminals convicted of less serious, non-violent offences who wish to be integrated...