Community Policing and civil society organisations

One of the three pillars of the Palestinian Civil Police Community Policing Strategy in Palestine is “partnership”. On Tuesday 15 October 2019, the PCP together with EUPOL COPPS and the British Support Team (BST) organized a workshop on Community...

Raising motorists awareness to cut on road accidents

On 16 October, 2019, EUPOL COPPS Mission hosted a workshop on road safety for 16 Palestinian Civil Police (PCP) officers who serve as the District Heads of the Traffic Branch from all the districts of the West Bank.

Palestinian Police introduce new tools for ICT development to help combating crime

Crime has become more sophisticated as lawbreakers benefit from the advancement of technology. In addition to traditional crimes, cybercrime is mushrooming like a wildfire.

Head of EUPOL COPPS meets Lithuanian representative in Palestine Arturas Gailiunas

Head of EUPOL COPPS Kauko Aaltomaa met today, 16 October 2019, the Head of the Representative Office of the Republic of Lithuania in Palestine Arturas Gailiunas and discussed ways to maintain support to Palestinian counterparts.
Lithuania is...

Environmental crimes become a new area of interest – says Deputy Civilian Operations Commander Commander

During her visit to EUPOL COPPS Mission last week, Birgit Loeser, Deputy Civilian Operations Commander/ Chief of Staff said that EUPOL COPPS Mission is pondering environmental crimes as another field of interest to its operations.

Defensive Tactics Course for Palestinian Police

Palestinian Civil Police (PCP) Special Police Force (SPF) is currently running a joint project with the Correction and Rehabilitation Centres Department (CRCD) in order to enhance their capabilities in several fields such as self-defence, crowd...