EUPOL COPPS supports Palestinian partners to address delays in justice system

EUPOL COPPS organised a workshop on 6 April with representatives of the Palestinian criminal justice system from the High Judicial Council, Ministry of Justice and the Palestinian Civil Police in order to identify the root causes behind delays to...

“Communication and cooperation are key to solving crimes”

Hillevi Johansson is a Swedish Police Superintendent, who advises the Palestinian Civil Police (PCP) on criminal investigations. She enrolled in the Swedish Police Academy in January 1978, and over a long police career has spent over two decades...

“If you are going to the police, you need to feel safe”

Leanne Butler, from Canada’s Prince Edward Island, has over three decades of experience in police work investigating child abuse and domestic violence. As part of an agreement Canada has with the EU, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police sends highly...

EUPOL COPPS joins with other EU Missions to form environmental best practice network

The EU launched a network for advisers and project managers working on environmental issues in Common Security and Defence Policy (CSDP) Mission on 16 March 2021. This network will share best practices on how to put environmental considerations more...

EUPOL COPPS police experts provide first in series of workshops designed to support Palestinian Civil Police’s new 5-year strategy

EUPOL COPPS experts from the Netherlands and Canada delivered in Ramallah on 2 March 2021 the first in a set of workshops designed to support the development of a new strategy for the period 2022 – 27 for the Palestinian Civil Police (PCP).

EUPOL COPPS Head Nataliya Apostolova meets Head of Palestinian Bar Association Jawad Obeidat and observes swearing in of new lawyers

EUPOL COPPS Head Nataliya Apostolova was invited to observe the swearing in of new lawyers to the Bar at the Palestinian Bar Association (PBA) on 1 March 2021 before her first official meeting with PBA Head Jawad Obeidat. During the meeting, issues...