"Our counterparts are the key guarantors for the protection of human rights"

Our Palestinian counterparts, in the police and in the criminal justice sector, have a significant role when it comes to human rights. They are the long arm of the State, responsible for upholding justice and law and order. They are also the key...

"With your help, we have saved millions of euros"

After ten years as the Mission’s advisor to the IT Administration of the Palestinian Civil Police, Kristjan Paemurru has returned to Estonia. His task in Palestine was to build a computerized network able to boost the operational and administrative...

“So far we never had a communication strategy”

“So far we never had a communication strategy. The strategy I am presenting today, is the first of its kind in the Ministry of Justice”, explained Reem Awa­da­l­lah in one of the final workshops of a training programme aiming at capacitating...

Learning the cleverest way to implement strategic plans

The operational planning process was the theme for a recent five day course organized by EUPOL COPPS to assist the senior level of the Palestinian Civil Police in operationalizing their Strategic Plan and make it move forward.

Making war unthinkable

Today 69 years ago, on 9 May 1950, the French Foreign Minister, Robert Shuman delivered a speech in Paris in which he set out his idea for a new form of political cooperation in Europe that would make future wars between Europe's nations unthinkable...

Security Sector Working Group briefed on security strategy implementation

One of the tasks of the Security Sector Working Group is to support the implementation of the Palestinian Security Sector Strategic Plan 2017-2022 – a key instrument in the effort to improve security sector service delivery to the Palestinian people.