The EU Mission for the Support of Palestinian Police and Rule of Law

Police Advisory Section

The Police Advisory Section (PAS) mentors and advises the Ministry of the Interior and the Palestinian Civil Police to enhance their capacities within the security sector at the strategic and operational levels, with emphasis on Human Rights, gender equality, sustainability and Palestinian ownership.

The section covers a wide spectrum of enhancing capacities from advisers co-located in the Ministry of the Interior to supporting heads of departments at the Palestinian Civil Police headquarters and district levels. It provides advising, mentoring and training opportunities at strategic and operational levels as well as to support functions such as IT and communications, training and human resources.

Having such a comprehensive approach, the section plays a pivotal role in supporting the Ministry of Interior and the Palestinian Civil Police, cooperating with and coordinating the activities of all key stakeholders and donors.

The section is comprised of experienced Police Advisers with expertise in several domains such as Community Policing, Criminal Investigation, Frontline Policing, Accountability and Oversight.

The Police Advisory Section works closely with other Mission sectors, especially with the Rule of Law Section as to adoption of key legislation and to enhance police-prosecution cooperation.