The EU Mission for the Support of Palestinian Police and Rule of Law

Meet our Senior Police Adviser -Institutional Development - Human Resources

 In our interviews so far, we’ve encountered a number of EU colleagues, as well as a Turkish colleague. Nevertheless, here at EUPOL COPPS, we are also fortunate to have two Canadian colleagues forming part of our Security Sector Reform Section (formerly named the Police Advisory Section); Canada being one of the three Third Contributing Countries to EUPOL COPPS. Our dear colleague Shelly has been with us for over a year. Always ready with a helping hand, our counterparts not only benefit from Shelly’s long years of experience and expertise, but also her kind and soft spoken approach.


Tell us a little about yourself (nationality, professional background and experience and expertise)

 Thank you for this opportunity.  I have over 35 years of policing experience with the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, Canada’s National Police Service and 5 years’ experience as a Vancouver City Police Reservist.  As a result, I have been afforded many opportunities that have provided me with a diverse background of experience, ranging from serving in  Indigenous/Diverse communities, at Municipal, Provincial and National levels and at various ranks.  This has provided me with comprehensive experience in multiple fields of expertise.  I have worked at the strategic, tactical and operational levels throughout my career and have been afforded the experience to develop and work with strategic frameworks at Provincial/Federal government levels in Canada.  I have a comprehensive back ground in a variety of specialties in policing:  General Duty Policing, Crime Scene Analysis, Community Policing, Crime Prevention/Crime Reduction, to name a few.  All from operational, tactical,  philosophical and strategic perspectives; as well as extensive knowledge of Police Administration, Conduct and Human Resources practices and procedures.

At a Federal level in Canada, I was seconded to the Office of the Federal Interlocutor for Metis and Non-status Rights (now Indigenous and Northern Affairs). I worked on and participated in the development of multi-jurisdictional social programs for Indigenous peoples at both the Federal and Provincial levels. Cultivating and fostering strategic long term partnerships was a critical component of achieving success.

Prior to arriving in Mission, I was the acting Criminal Operations Officer in New Brunswick. In this role I was responsible for all operational, tactical and police operations responses in the RCMP jurisdictions of New Brunswick, including Gold Commander (Critical Incident Command) during a national incident. My substantive position was the Officer in Charge of the RCMP North-East District in New Brunswick. There, I was responsible for the operational and administrative policing functions for one third of the Province. I had a team of 181 employees.  My area of responsibility consisted of 10 detachments, 5 Indigenous communities, approximately 99 communities/villages, with a land radius of approximately 20,000 square miles.

I have a Masters in Consitutional Law and Certficate in Human Rights law.


Explain your portfolio here at EUPOL COPPS

 During my nearly year and a half in Mission, I have been holding the following portfolios:

Institutional Development - Human Resources

In this portfolio, I have been actively working with my counterpart on the development of individual performance assessments.  This project is being piloted in Jenin and Bethlehem, and will train unit leaders on supervision and performance indicaters of their team members.


The project in this portfolio started with a baseline study of public complaints and was done in conjunction with my counterpart in the Grievance and Human Rights‘ Department.  The project is in phase 4 of  7 phases.  Field visits to police detention/holding cells have also been conducted to look at their processes. 

 The Palestinian Police Women’s Network

I was honoured to be part of the original organizing group for the conference held in May 2022, and since that time I have been the portfolio lead, assisting the 25 founding members to develop their Terms of Reference, elect their Board Members and assist with their official launch in January 2023.  To date they have organized their application processes, logo and communication, whilst work is continuing on their annual plan.


What are the challenges you face, and how, in your view, may they be overcome?

 At times I found it difficult when other international stakeholders are working on same or similar projects and there was no communication or coordination. This has been overcome by cultivating and fostering relationships/partnerships, along with increased communication.  


What do you enjoy most about forming part of EUPOL COPPS, and about working in the Region?

 I most enjoy the people here, my counterparts in the region, as well as my colleagues from around the world who join me here in the Mission.   The Region is filled with so much history, that prior to arriving here, it was a bit of a mystery to me; however now seeing and hearing from the people here, as well as forging what I believe will be long lasting frienships, the history and culture have come alive for me. It truly is an honour to be here working alongside my colleagues and with our counterparts.