The EU Mission for the Support of Palestinian Police and Rule of Law

Justice Section

As part of Mission’s efforts to assist the Palestinian Authority in taking responsibility for justice and security, the Justice Section (JS) works closely with all the key justice institutions in Palestine in order to improve the legislative process, promote fair trial principles and strengthen the institutions through institutional development and capacity building.

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The overarching aim is to enhance service delivery to the Palestinian people through a healthy criminal justice system made up of strong institutions which guarantee the independence of the judiciary, and the balance of powers between the three main branches of government.

In the carrying out its task, the Justice Section focuses on two key objectives: the strengthening of the criminal justice system and the enhancement of Palestinian Police-Prosecution cooperation. This is operationalized through the provision of strategic advice, mentoring, and support provided by the magistrates and senior legal experts from EU Member States and Palestine.

“All persons and authorities within the state, whether public or private, should be bound by and entitled to the benefit of laws publicly made, taking effect (generally) in the future and publicly administered in the courts”.  
Lord Bingham