The EU Mission for the Support of Palestinian Police and Rule of Law

EUPOL COPPS contributes in reducing delays and handle backlogs of criminal cases

EUPOOL COPPS advisers, together with the Fair Trial Working Group, continued the discussions on how to better enable Palestinian citizens to get their litigation rights sorted quickly and reduce the backlog of criminal cases.

“The right to a fair trial is fundamental to human rights protection and serves as a procedural means to safeguard the rule of law. It aims at ensuring a proper administration of justice and to this end guarantees a series of specific rights”, said Lina Zettergren, the Mission’s  Senior Criminal Justice Expert

The Fair Trial Working Group, comprised of representatives of the High Judicial Council, the Public Prosecution, the Ministry of Justice, the Palestinian Bar Association and the Palestinian Civil Police and steering members from EUPOL COPPS, is working to strengthen the guarantees of a fair trial in the Palestinian judiciary. 

Recently the working group agreed to focus their efforts on how to contribute to reducing the delays, and the consequent backlog of criminal cases, throughout the judiciary chain, from police investigation, to prosecution, trial and a rendered judgment.

This project requires expertise from each judicial institution and aims to enhance the access to justice for Palestinian citizens. Access to justice, an effective investigation and processing a case in a reasonable time are all parts of the right to a fair trial.