The EU Mission for the Support of Palestinian Police and Rule of Law

“Effective communication is key to success in every professional organisation. ”

The Courts Team of EUPOL COPPS Mission delivered this week a two-day training on communication and team building skills for the staff members of the Training Department in the Palestinian Judicial Institute (PJI). 

The training aimed at  enhancing the understanding of the importance of good and constructive team work and effective communication in the workplace, including positive feedback, mutual respect and trust building exercise.

During the event,  the freelance trainer from the Entrepreneurship and Business Development Centre (EBDC), focused on interactive activities around topics such as different styles of communication and stages of team development.

“We all strive for and have an ambition to become better communicators and team players in our workplace. There is nothing more important than to learn how to communicate and by learning this skill you make yourself more competent in everything you do. Good and effective communication is the key to success in every professional organisation,” said Anna Wielgosz, the Mission’s Justice Expert. 

Moreover, the 12 participant were briefed on recipes and strategies for successful team building. They  were also presented with various risk management tools and techniques to solve conflicts and confrontations in the workplace.

The training session also covered the importance of proper distribution of roles, transparency and accountability of project members as a mean to optimize workflow within the project teams.