The EU Mission for the Support of Palestinian Police and Rule of Law

EUPOL COPPS advisers say environmental crimes cannot be tolerated

If people cause significant harm to the environment or to human health, now they have to think twice before committing such a crime.

The Palestinian Civil Police (PCP), with the help of EUPOL COPPS Mission, are exerting additional efforts punish those who commit acts of illegal dumping of wastes and hazardous materials in Palestine. 

The  Mission has recently gave a special attention to this new field  of work and listed it as one of its leading programmes to support the PCP in its endeavour to fight environmental crimes.

“The illegal dumping of wastes has resulted in a global contamination of nature and threaten local ecosystems,” said Henrik Forssblad, a Swedish Environmental Crime police adviser who has over 20 years ‘ experience in combating such crimes in his home country. “I have noticed that the PCP does not tolerate such crimes, as we don’t in Sweden,” he added.

Forssblad started sharing his diverse experience with his Palestinian counterparts since he took his job at the Mission in beginning of 2020. He and other Mission advisers recently went to Bethlehem district and visited the nearby village of Battir  to see for themselves  the kind of environmental crimes there and best ways to tackle them.  

In Bethlehem, the Mission advisers met the Head of Antiquities and Tourism Police and his staff presented the efforts being exerted to combat environmental crimes - obviously with great engagement and with an impressing result. The two sides paid visits to places where environmental crimes have been committed. They saw large amounts of dumped waste in areas near Bethlehem.