The EU Mission for the Support of Palestinian Police and Rule of Law

Advisory and Legislation Bureau issues a new manual for preparing legal consultations

The Palestinian Advisory Bureau issued the internal procedures manual for preparing legal consultations and legal opinions to official institutions.

The manual, penned with the support of EUPOL COPPS, serves as a procedural reference for preparing legal consultations & legal opinions and a guiding manual for legal departments in government institutions. The manual targets legal staff working in the Advisory and Legislation Bureau, legal professionals specialized in preparing legal consultations and legal opinions, interested researchers and academics and all those interested in providing legal advice and opinion.

The manual focuses on three main topics: an explanation of the General Administration of Legal consultations and legal opinions and its functions, and the skills of those who provide legal advice and opinions; the concept of legal consultations, cases of requesting it by the government departments and the phases of legal advice and the concept of legal advisory opinion, and phases of legal advisory opinion.

The new manual was preceded by the manual on Official Gazette, which was also supported by EUPOLCOPPS. 

The Mission has supported this work and financed the printing of the two manuals.

The Bureau is one of key partners that the Mission has been supporting as part of the Rule of Law chain.