The EU Mission for the Support of Palestinian Police and Rule of Law

EUPOL COPPS Acting Head of Mission Meets with Palestinian Anticorruption Commissioner in Ramallah

The Acting Head of Mission Karin Limdal met with the Palestinian Anticorruption Commissioner, Raed Radwan. The Commissioner mentioned three main challenges: the severe restrictions upon freedom of movement that impact the attendance of the staff, the last months’ salaries not being paid, and the impact on the regularity of the daily work by the employees with relatives in Gaza. The AHOM underscored the importance of continuing delivering security and justice to the Palestinian people despite the ongoing crisis and to use EUPOL COPPS, as a visible evidence of the EU’s support to the PA, in this endeavor, including in preparing for the day after tomorrow.  The Commissioner expressed his gratitude for the commendable and long-standing support of EUPOL COPPS, including in for developing the witness protection program and facilitating the gender audit.