The EU Mission for the Support of Palestinian Police and Rule of Law

The Head of EUPOL COPPS Police Advisory Section met with the PCP Bethlehem District Commander

Earlier this week, the Head of EUPOL COPPS Police Advisory Section, together with the District Coordinator and General Policing Advisers met with the PCP Bethlehem District Commander. EUPOL COPPS is on the cusp of launching a Pilot Project within the Bethlehem District; a project that will see the Police Advisers (in thirteen areas of expertise) work together with the PCP towards the enhancement of the global performance of the District. This will be done by developing the necessary activities needed in order to ensure that the PCP delivers the best police services to the population. To this effect, the scope of this preparatory meeting with the District Commander was to get the project off the ground and for EUPOL COPPS to explain the proposed approach and ideas.

 During the meeting the District Commander shared a number of ideas as well as challenges that are being faced by the district, proposing solutions that can be implemented to improve the work of the PCP in the district.

 In the coming weeks, it is envisaged that all EUPOL COPPS Police Advisors will conduct missions to the district in order to exchange ideas and discuss concrete ways forward with the various Heads of Offices and Branches, putting their experience at the disposal of the PCP. EUPOL COPPS reiterates its support to the work of the PCP.