The EU Mission for the Support of Palestinian Police and Rule of Law

EUPOL COPPS Rule of Law advisors met with Bethlehem governor

EUPOL COPPS paid a visit to a number of Palestinians institutions related to family protection and juvenile justice. Advisors from the Rule of Law Section met the Governor in Bethlehem wherein the planned roadmap to asses the situation for domestic violence victims and juveniles was discussed. They also met with the Family and Juvenile Protection Unit in PCP and discussed the main challenges faced in the execution of their duties. The legal advisor of the Governor’s Office was also present with the PCP, which allowed for the opportunity to learn more about the situation for women and juvenile in Bethlehem. Colleagues also met with the Head of the Ministry of Social Development in the district, who expanded on the main obstacles faced, such as the lack of social counsellors. Overall, the visit was exceptionally fruitful in order to better understand how justice sector institutions deal with domestic violence files and juvenile justice cases, and to reiterate the Mission’s support to the justice sector in the Palestinian Territories.