The EU Mission for the Support of Palestinian Police and Rule of Law

EUPOL COPPS participates in key Palestinian conference in Ramallah

An eight-member team of EUPOL COPPS advisers participated in the annual conference of Palestinian Judicial Institute (PJI) in Ramallah.

The three day conference is a key forum to exchange best practices of Arab and European countries in order to develop the Diploma Programme in Judicial Studies and to exchange different views on latest teaching techniques to enhance the capacity of the judiciary.

The gathering also discussed new emerging forms of crime of which many become transnational.

Several judges from Jordan, Egypt, Morocco, Sweden, Italy, United Kingdom, , France, Romania and others participated in the event, along with several Palestinian criminal justice institutions.

“The judicial independence is a prerequisite for the rule of law and a fundamental guarantee for democracy, and the training of judges and prosecutors is a crucial element that guarantees the independence and legitimacy of judiciary” said Giovanni Galzignato, Head of Rule of Law Section at EUPOL COPPS.

Mr. Galzignato added that the Mission’s support to the PJI was to strengthening the overall independence of justice, strengthening judicial integrity.

The Mission has been supporting the PJI from the beginning. It provides a permanent training to judges and prosecutors. It serves as an important pillar of the independence of justice.