The EU Mission for the Support of Palestinian Police and Rule of Law

EUPOL COPPS holds workshop with Palestinian Police on Strategic Plan for coming years

EUPOL COPPS held this week a workshop with Palestinian Civil Police Planning Administration at the Mission premises in Ramallah to provide advice on the PCP’s Strategic Plan 2022-2025 and joint future activities.
The Mission’s Planning and Policy Adviser Ozkan BARAN told Brigadier Ali Alqaimari Head of Research and Planning Development Administration (RPDA) and Assistants Chief of Police Brigadier General Rashid Hamdan from Logistic, in the presence of other eight senior police officers representing other administrations that strategic planning for any law enforcement entity serves as a document that provides the vision and goals of the organisation over time, with a roadmap for how those vision and goals will be accomplished.
“I am very delighted to see initial process of Palestinian Civil Police Strategic Plan 2022-2025 which was already developed within the framework of advancement of the Police based on modern foundation that enhance public trust with the support of EUPOL COPPS,” BARAN said.
Palestinian Civil Police and EUPOLCOPPS will continue to have workshops on Palestinian Civil Police Strategic Plan 2022-2025 with Goal Owner and related Administrations.”