The EU Mission for the Support of Palestinian Police and Rule of Law

EUPOL COPPS organized a workshop to discuss Employing Media to serve the objectives of Community Policing in Ramallah

"In this era of disinformation, colleagues dealing with the media need to exercise a stronger degree of caution, and of course, need to be ready to counter any disinformation in an apt way, always keeping the values of their organization at the forefront," said Nataliya Apostolova, Head of EUPOL COPPS Mission, at the start of a two-day workshop for the Palestinian Civil Police on "Employing Media to serve the objectives of Community Policing" in Ramallah.


The two day workshop, organised by EUPOL COPPS with the support of UNDP, hosted 36 Palestinian Civil Police Officers from both HQ and all Regional Districts for two days of collective discussion and exchange of best practices on Media and CP issues.


Opened by the Chief of Police, EUPOLCOPPS Head of Mission as well as by UNDP Project Manager and PCP Media/PR and CP director, the workshop consisted of two days of intense discussion in a positive and constructive atmosphere, wherein all participants had the opportunity to exchange ideas and best practices on Community Policing and Media. EUPOL COPPS delivered a number of presentations whilst the PPIO Head of Section moderated the workshop throughout.


The main takeaways of the workshop can be summarized as follows:


    • The importance of the Media in Community Policing. The link between the two concepts is intrinsic, and together, both Community Policing and Media are the bridge between the PCP and the general public.
    • In order to continue to foster trust between the PCP and the population, Media as a tool of Community Policing is undoubtedly the ‘engine’s fuel’.
    • Community Policing remains one of the priority areas of EUPOL COPPS’ mandate, and is an area in which the Mission is investing much effort, confident that said investment is yielding positive dividends. The relationship between our PPIO and CP Teams and their PCP counterparts is exemplary, based on mutual trust and objectives.
    • The overall focus needs to be upon a realistic service delivery, reaching into marginalized areas.
    • Media development can and will help build public trust, advancing a service orientation in addition to traditional law enforcement.


The workshop was extremely well received by all PCP Officers, and has undoubtedly paved the way for similar and follow up workshops hosted by EUPOL COPPS in the coming months. The perceived added value was the open discussion amongst colleagues, the exchange of best practices on Media and CP, and the establishment of a set of recommendations in order to improve the overall communication skills of the PCP.