The EU Mission for the Support of Palestinian Police and Rule of Law

EUPOL COPPS starts study trip to Spain to empower Palestinian female lawyers

EUPOL COPPS has begun the first activity in a study visit to Barcelona, Spain, to enable six Palestinian female lawyers to learn about the Spanish experience from a Gender perspective in the Justice institutions and the relationship between judges and lawyers.
The first visit was to the Judicial School in Barcelona where the director and his deputy explained how they train judges and how they focus on Gender empowerment within the training.
On the second day of the study trip to Spain, the six Palestinian Female lawyers met with the Spanish Women Judges Association to learn further about the importance and benefits of networking.
During the meeting, some Spanish judges shared their experience as a member of the network in the judiciary, underlining the need to work together in a coordinated fashion.
As part of the journey of empowerment in the justice sector, women need to exercise further efforts in order to attain top positions in the judiciary.