The EU Mission for the Support of Palestinian Police and Rule of Law

A senior Police adviser conducts a training for three senior Palestinian Police officers

A senior EUPOL COPPS Police adviser conducted  this week a training  for three senior Palestinian Police officers on how to develop a national police strategic plan.

Ozkan Baran, the Mission’s Planning and Policy Police Adviser, introduced several different national police strategic plans which were already developed and implemented and bore fruit.

The training for the officers from Research and Planning Development Administration and Department from Palestinian Civil Police (PCP) was followed by a discussion session focused on how the PCP may implement these experiences during the development period of PCP Strategic Plan 2022-2027. 

Strategic planning is  the development of a general  blueprint for the future. It is a process by which an organization's mission, goals, and objectives (means for achieving goals) are defined, implemented, evaluated, and updated on a continual basis.

Baran has more than 30 years of experience in police sciences in Turkey. During his diverse experience, he worked for NATO-led mission in Afghanistan and a Planning officer for United Nations Stabilization Mission in Haiti.