The EU Mission for the Support of Palestinian Police and Rule of Law

Sixteen Palestinian participants from different ministries receive training on strategic leadership and management

Sixteen Palestinian participants concluded this week a four-day training on leadership and planning to enhance their capabilities  on strategic leadership and management.

The interactive training, which was delivered by the  planning expert Samir Baidoun and organized by EUPOL COPPS Mission, aimed at showing the linkage between the sector strategic objectives and the National Policy Agenda and the Sustainable Development Goals, including the importance of monitoring and evaluation.

The attendees work for different governmental bodies, including the Legal Affairs Unit of the General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers, staff from the Ministry of Justice and other line ministries.

“The trainees from different line ministries shared their experiences with each other and with the trainer who was very cooperative and interactive with the participants. The training course will have an impact on my work in the planning department which I manage at the Ministry of Higher education,” said Omar Khader.

“The training contributed to raising the awareness of the participants in strategic planning concepts and the tools which are necessary to implement the plans in the ministerial departments and to be able to face the challenges that face the legislative plans in order to reach high quality and efficient legislation,” said Susan Hamdan from the Council of Ministers.