The EU Mission for the Support of Palestinian Police and Rule of Law

Judges receive training on cybercrime and electronic evidence

Palestinian judges are now equipped with the know-how on cybercrime cases to be prepared to deal with cybercrime and electronic evidence. 

Twenty two Palestinian judges attended the one day training on cybercrime, delivered by expert Jasmin Jarad and organized by EUPOL COPPS’ Courts Team earlier this month in Ramallah.  

During the training session,  the judges were introduced to  how to tackle cases in the area of Cyber Crimes to stop various kinds of modern crimes like  robbery, forgery, blackmailing  cheating, and  theft that are committed  with the negative use of technologies. 

The event would help the Palestinian Judicial Institute (PJI) to cement ties with the High Judicial Council.

 “In the recent years, the world has moved further into the digital age. So is cybercrime. Our responsibility is to make the digital world safer,” said Annita Sorti, The Mission’s Justice Expert. 

The PJI, one of the Palestinian criminal justice institutions that the Mission supports, was established in 2008 to develop the capabilities of the judicial sector.