The EU Mission for the Support of Palestinian Police and Rule of Law

EUPOL COPPS raises awareness on trade-based money laundering

EUPOL COPPS adviser held a two-day training session for Palestinian Prosecutors, Palestinian Police and Customs Police investigators to raise awareness about, trade-based money laundering and cybercrime legislation.

The trainings, held in Ramallah in cooperation with the Attorney General Office and the Palestinian Judicial Institute, is part of EUPOL COPPS support for enhancing the capabilities of Palestinian Prosecutors in specialised topics within the area of criminal justice.

Mission adviser provided the 15 attendees with the legal and operational know-how for identifying and understanding money laundering and its severe impact on society and economy. The training allocated a special focus on the Budapest Convention, international legal instrument of cooperation and cryptocurrencies used as mean of Money Laundering.

Dr. Michele Tarlao, from Italian State Police  and EUPOL COPPS Anti-Narcotics and Organised Crime Advisor, shared his experience of investigating mafia related crimes and other organised criminal groups in Italy and abroad.

“Organised criminal groups are often driven by financial gains and expensive assets such as luxury cars can be an indicator of money laundering, confiscating assets is therefore an important investigation measure to combat these activities. Economic crime affects more citizens, more often, than any other national security threat. The criminals responsible exploit some of the most vulnerable in our society to scam them out of their money,” said Tarlao.  

Money laundering damages financial sector institutions that are vital for economic growth, promoting crime and corruption that slow economic growth, reducing efficiency in the real sector of the economy.