The EU Mission for the Support of Palestinian Police and Rule of Law

EUPOL COPPS training provides new perspectives on professional performance evaluation for Palestinian Police

A two-day training held in Jericho on 14-15 December was organised by the Palestinian Civil Police (PCP), in cooperation with EUPOL COPPS, as part of efforts to modernise the way in which the performance of Palestinian police officers is evaluated.

“Ideally, performance evaluations should provide a solid ground for the employee and manager to identify and discuss areas where performance can be improved”, said Pasi Aho, Head of the EUPOL COPPS Police Advisory Section addressing the trainees. “It can also be an important opportunity for employee and manager expectations to be reinforced or clarified. A well-done performance evaluation may lead to increased job satisfaction and motivation as well as better morale and teamwork”.

Mr Aho also emphasised the importance of trust and an open mind for successful evaluations. “Job performance evaluation is not an easy task for staff or managers,” he said. “It needs preparation, common rules, an open mind and trust between the parties. It also needs a lot of hard work. But believe me, it’s worth all those efforts. When you do it in the proper way, you can achieve a lot with it”.

The training focused on the theory of what makes a successful performance evaluation, and the steps an organisation needs to put in place to ensure that the evaluation process involves a meaningful interaction between employees and their management.

Following this more theoretical overview, EUPOL COPPS will further support the PCP by assisting with workshops on the subject of performance evaluation in Palestinian police districts. It is planned that these trainings will be more practical in nature. The ultimate objective will be to support a new, more modern system of performance evaluation within the PCP.