The EU Mission for the Support of Palestinian Police and Rule of Law

Head of EUPOL COPPS Natalia Apostolova underlines commitment to police reform at meeting with Chief of Palestinian Police Hazem Attallah

The strong relationship built over many years between EUPOL COPPS and the Palestinian Civil Police (PCP) was emphasised during the first official meeting between new EUPOL COPPS Head Nataliya Apostolova and PCP Chief Hazem Attallah on 16 December.

The Head of EUPOL COPPS noted that the PCP enjoys comparatively high public trust and complimented efforts the PCP has made in recent years to build stronger relationships with the communities it serves, increase accountability and gender equality. Ms Apostolova stressed that EUPOL COPPS would continue to support all Palestinian efforts to improve the quality of policing.

Ms Apostolova also empasised that human rights are the foundation stone upon which law enforcement work is built and encouraged the PCP to expand the positive steps it has taken to integrate international human rights standards into all aspects of police work.

Major General Attallah underlined that cooperation between EUPOL COPPS and the PCP has been characterised by high levels of mutual respect and cooperation, as well as notable successes, and expressed his hope that this positive dialogue would continue and strengthen in future.