The EU Mission for the Support of Palestinian Police and Rule of Law

EUPOL COPPS trains Palestinian officials to spot possible corruption in official declarations

A training funded by EUPOL COPPS provided seven Palestinian officials working at the Palestinian Anti-Corruption Commission with an opportunity to enhance their skills in verifying financial declarations and spotting signs of possible corruption.

“A system of asset declarations, where public officials regularly declare their sources of income and wealth, is an essential element in the fight against corruption,” says Clemens Mueller, Deputy Head of the EUPOL COPPS Rule of Law Section. “We are very happy to be working with the PACC in order to build capacity in the Palestinian asset declaration system and strengthen the ability of Palestinian officials to analyse and verify the assets of public officials and make sure their sources of income are legal”.

The course was delivered by a leading international expert in the field, Dr Tilman Hoppe, on three separate days over the course of two weeks in February 2021, concluding on Sunday 21 February. Dr Hoppe has drafted a comprehensive report for the PACC on asset declarations, which was delivered in September 2020. A key recommendation of the report was enhanced training for PACC staff in how to verify asset declarations.

The training began with exercises to provoke a discussion on how to apply a sound financial methodology for analysing asset declarations. Participants were then introduced to case studies and worked together to audit example declarations. On the last day of training, the legal and organisational framework for verifying Palestinian declarations was reviewed and possible improvements discussed.

EUPOL COPPS is committed to supporting the PACC enhance its asset verification framework. In the coming months, the Mission will be working with PACC to revise the existing asset declaration forms, and will also fund a user-friendly guide to support officials obliged to submit declarations to fill in the forms properly.