The EU Mission for the Support of Palestinian Police and Rule of Law

EUPOL COPPS delivers training to support improved drafting of Palestinian legislation

Five one-day training sessions which took place from 12 January – 9 February 2020 allowed 17 members of the Diwan, Palestine’s Advisory and Legislation Bureau, to get expert guidance on how to best draft legislation. The seminars were delivered by Dr. Nasrallah Alshaer, Head of the Arabic Language Department at Berzeit University and Professor of Arabic and funded by EUPOL COPPS. Over the course of the training programme, Dr. Alshaer went over principles of clarity in legislative drafting in Arabic, principles of good legislative drafting, practical models on how to draft legislation, and further examples on common Arabic language errors used in drafting. “The Advisory and Legislation Bureau (Diwan) is responsible for reviewing and drafting legislation. Therefore, this training is of particular importance,” said the Deputy Head of the Diwan, Ms. Reem Abu Alroub. “This training will help to produce high quality legislation and contribute to enabling the legal staff to draft legislation and perform their duties in more efficient and effective manner”. Dr. Alshaer took a hands-on approach, with as many examples as possible, including studying the structure of bills and practical models for drafting legislation. EUPOL COPPS has committed to supporting the Diwan with capacity building. In November and December 2019, the Mission supported one round of five training sessions on legislative processes and quality of legislation. The latest five-day training cycle concludes the second phase of EUPOL COPPS support. A further cycle of training to improve the quality of legislation is planned in the coming months.