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Palestinian Police Officers conclude study trip to Germany on crime prevention

Ramallah, 16 March, 2016 - Four high ranking Palestinian Police officers concluded on Wednesday a study trip to Germany to acquire more skills in the field of crime prevention programmes and crime control. The four-day trip  will contribute in establishing an IT-based crime statistics software programme for the Palestinian Civil Police (PCP), a key tool to combat crime. The study trip will enable PCP to better visualize and plan how to develop and implement a number of changes and new approaches regarding modern policing and how a crime statistic contributes to improve strategic planning on all management levels. An efficient computerized Crime statistic is an indispensable, reliable and objective technique for decision-makers in a modern police organization. The purpose of the establishment of a crime statistic is to receive valid data on crime development and trends and to produce reliable analysis and reports. Developing this computerized database system will enable PCP to better analyse how women, men, youth, children and vulnerable groups are affected by criminality.  Crime prevention and response will be enhanced and the PCP will be able to better strategize on how to reduce crime in the long term, considering the specific pattern of crime involving the different population categories (as perpetrators and victims) and better prevent recidivism, including on domestic violence cases and Juvenile cases.