The EU Mission for the Support of Palestinian Police and Rule of Law

Security Sector Working Group briefed on security strategy implementation

One of the tasks of the Security Sector Working Group is to support the implementation of the Palestinian Security Sector Strategic Plan 2017-2022 – a key instrument in the effort to improve security sector service delivery to the Palestinian people.

On Tuesday 30 April, the Group met at the so-called ‘Technical Expert Level’ under the chairmanship of the Ministry of Interior. The purpose of the meeting was to appraise the status of the implementation.

For the first time, the strategy is implemented through a programmatic approach organised in 11 thematic areas, referred to as Administrative Programs, which are jointly executed by the Ministry of Interior and all the Palestinian security institutions.

Each of the Administrative Program Leaders provided a snapshot of the respective achievements, gaps and challenges. The Chairman of the Security Sector Working Group, Major General Al Jibrini, Security Assistant to the Minister of Interior, ensured the participants that the security sector will deal with the identified challenges and bring forward solutions.

Despite the current challenges in Palestine, Major General Al Jibrini ensured that the Ministry of Interior and the security sector will continue building a modern security establishment, enforcing law and providing the Palestinian citizens with high quality service delivery. In addition, he encouraged the representatives of countries and organisations to support the implementation of the strategy further.

EUPOL COPPS, serving as Technical Advisor to the Security Sector Working Group, was represented by the Head of the Police Advisory Section Pekka Kokkonen. He acknowledged the overall progress and ensured the Mission’s further assistance in the implementation process.

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