Body: About 70 Palestinian police officers, joined with another 50 security of officers from various security forces, performed a scenario training exercise in Bethlehem to enhance the command and control system and the... more
Body: The Mission works with the Palestinian Harmonisation Committee to enable and enhance the implementation of international treaties into Palestinian legislation and policies as well as the reporting thereon before... more
Body: 15 senior managers from the Palestinian Correction and Rehabilitation Centers Department (CRCD) has completed a four-day Management Training Course planned, organized and conducted by the Mission’s Penitentiary Adviser... more
Body: On 19 April, the official publication of a compilation of Palestinian legislation compiled by the High Judicial Council was celebrated in the presence of Chief Justice Emad Salim Saad. The Law Compilation serves as a... more
Body: Today, H.E. Dr. Rami Hamdallah, Prime Minister of the Palestinian National Authority welcomed he Head of the EU Co-ordinating Office for Palestinian Police Support (EUPOL COPPS), Mr. Kauko Aaltomaa to a meeting in his... more
Body: Yesterday, 19 EUPOL COPPS Mission Members were awarded the Common Security and Defence Policy Service Medal. The EU Representative in Jerusalem, Mr. Ralph Tarraf awarded the medal to the Head of Mission, Mr. Kauko... more
Body: Fighting intellectual property crimes is a key priority on the international agenda. Illegal trade of counterfeit products represents 2.5-3% of global trade, amounting to more than 330 billion Euro per year.... more
Body: On a sunny morning and in the presence of thousands of friends and family members, 557 young Police Officers graduated from the Palestinian College for Policing Sciences in Jericho. The graduation ceremony included an... more
Body: The European Union has funded the construction of two new correctional facilities in Palestine. However, before the new Correction and Rehabilitation Centres in Nablus and Jenin can be activated, they must each have an... more
Body: The role of today’s correctional services is multidimensional. Not only must prisons maintain sufficient security, they also have an obligation to ensure the care and rehabilitation of each prisoner. To do so, prison... more