EUPOL COPPS supports Security and Discipline Department

Ramallah, 17th January 2011 - EUPOL COPPS keeps supporting the Palestinian Civil Police (PCP) in building a disciplinary unit within its Police Security and Discipline Department. This week, the Head of the Security and Discipline Department, Lt. Col. Mahmoud AL DIEK, started the official distribution of the first PCP brochure, in a pocket format, which contains the PCP’s code of conduct.

The brochure also summarizes the need to respect Human Rights, the ethics and values of the Police and the expected standards of behavior, as well as provides an explanation of the role of the Police Security and Discipline Department, among other issues.
8000 copies of this brochure have been printed with EUPOL COPPS’ financial support and distributed to the Special Police Forces (SPF, both its Central and Ramallah units), the Protection and Guarding Units (PGUs), and the Ramallah Traffic Police. These brochures shall be circulated to all the PCP departments by the end of next week.
According to the code of conduct, the Palestinian Civil Police shall carry out its tasks and duties in accordance with national and international standards in order to serve the people by enforcing the law. The police officers shall work in a professional, transparent and accountable manner, always respecting the dignity of the people and Human Rights.
During the official distribution of the brochures and addressing different units of the PCP, Lt. Col. AL DWEIK, reminded them of “The importance of the respect of Human Rights, professionalism, honesty, discipline and dignity of every police officer serving the population”. He also asked them to“Remember that you are the real image of the Police and our hope and expectations to build strong and transparent security institutions are very high”.