Body: On 12 April 2016, EUPOL COPPS supported a workshop on violence against women and children in Qalqiliya. The workshop focused on the importance of networking and referrals between all relevant sectors when dealing with... more
Body: On 11 April, EUPOL COPPS organized a workshop on cybercrime in Ramallah. The one-day workshop delivered to 30 recently appointed or future lawyers focused on police and rule of law aspects of the fight against... more
Body: ON 07 April 2016, EUPOL COPPS Mission concluded a three-day workshop on Code of Conduct development sponsored by the Palestinian Ministry of Interior. During the workshop which was held in Ramallah, the 60 participants... more
Body:   On 23 March 2016, EUPOL COPPS Deputy Head, Mrs Lena Larsson, expressed her heartfelt condolences to the families of the Brussels attacks victims today in the name of the mission. She condemned these attacks which... more
Body: On 17 March 2016, EUPOL COPPS and Ministry of Justice organised a workshop on international legal cooperation. The one day event, which was held in Ramallah, is meant to serve as term of reference  for a regulatory... more
Body: On 23 January 2016, EUPOL COPPS delivered on Tuesday training to the media team of the Palestinian High Judicial Council to improve its visibility activities. The training for four members at EUPOL COPPS headquarters... more
Body: On 11 February 2016, EUPOL COPPS Head of Mission Rodolphe Mauget met Chief Justice Sami Sarsour  and discussed ways how to further enhance cooperation between the two sides, including the draft law on Judicial Authority... more
Body: On 10 February 2016, EUPOL COPPS Mission concluded on Wednesday  a four-day training  for Palestinian Civil Police (PCP) officers  to further enhance their capabilities on  new traffic system to cut down the number of... more
Body: On 02 February 2016, EUPOLCOPPS organized and sponsored a workshop in the West Bank city of Jericho for the Palestinian Civil Police to introduce two modern traffic systems. The workshop will be followed by a five-day... more
Body: On 25 January 2016, EUPOL COPPS  Mission has successfully completed the second phase of Training of Trainers (ToT) for 10 Palestinian judges. The two-day training which was delivered by a Romanian expert, started with a... more