Body: On 01June, 2016, EUPOL COPPS police advisers delivered a two-week training course for 32 Palestinian police officers from the Special Police Force unit.  The training in the Jericho-based Palestine College for Police... more
Body: On 05 June 2016, EUPOL COPPS, in collaboration with the High Judicial Council, the Ministry of Justice, the Attorney General Office, the Palestinian Civil Police, and the Palestinian Bar Association, organised a Civil... more
Body: On 01 June 2016, EUPOL COPPS organised its annual Medal Parade, a yearly occasion to reward our team for the work accomplished with our Palestinian counterparts and international stakeholders. This year, we were honored... more
Body: On 30 May 2016, the Palestinian Anti-Corruption Commission (PACC) and the Palestinian Civil Police (PCP) held a roundtable session on Anti Corruption Law. The roles and tasks covered by both the PACC and the Palestinian... more
Body: On 05 May, 20016, a high ranking EUPOL COPPS delegation participated in the opening ceremony of the Palestine Arab Safety week that started on Wednesday. The event, which runs for a week in neighbouring Arab countries... more
Body: On 20 April 2016, EUPOL COPPS delivered on Wednesday data switches to the  Palestinian Civil Police (PCP) to enhance the internal flow of information. The computer network connects all districts together and provides... more
Body: On 20 April 2016, EUPOL COPPS Mission and the Birzeit University started on Wednesday a series of weekly training sessions in legal English language and legal terminology. The training is based on a request from the... more
Body: On 13 April 2016, EUPOL COPPS Police Advisers delivered training and IT equipment to the Palestinian Civil Police. This equipment, which was funded by the United Kingdom, will be used in all Palestinian police districts... more
Body: On 13 April 2016, this week, EUPOL COPPS organised a training course on child interview techniques in Hebron, at the Family Protection and Juvenile Unit premises of the Palestinian Civil Police (PCP). Twenty two... more
Body: Between 11 and 14 April, EUPOL COPPS organised, at the initiative of the Palestinian Ministry of Justice and in cooperation with UNDP, a study visit in Tunis. The visit aimed at providing training for legal staff and... more