Body:   Qalqilia, 20th July 2010 - EUPOL COPPS participated in the closing ceremony of the first Police Children Summer Camp that took place today in Qalqilia. The summer camp was jointly organised by the Media and Public... more
Body:  Ramallah, 1st July 2010 - EUPOL COPPS’ Rule of Law section hosted today, 1st July, an information seminar on all the section’s activities that brought together representatives from its local counterparts -Attorney... more
Body:  On 20th - 21st June 2010 in Ramallah EUPOL COPPS facilitated a High Level Seminar on Improved Cooperation between the Palestinian Civil Police (PCP) and the Public Prosecution. The workshop is part of a long project... more
Body: Ramallah, 23rd May 2010 - EUPOL COPPS officials are delivering a 2 days training programme on the use of Breathlyzers (alcoholmeter device) and on Vehicle Stop to 30 Palestinian Traffic Police Officers from all district... more
Body: Ramallah, 13th May 2010 - EUPOL COPPS members participated together with Palestinian Civil Police officers in the Open Day organized by the European Commission Technical Assistance Office (ECTAO) in Ramallah  last 9th... more
Body: Ramallah, 14th May 2010 - EUPOL COPPS’ experts and Palestinian Civil Police officers met in EUPOL COPPS’ Headquarters in Ramallah on 12th May for a joint workshop on Human Resources (HR) where the current state of the... more
Body: Ramallah, 13th May 2010 - EUPOL COPPS participated together with the Palestinian Civil Police (PCP) in the recent Open Day in Brussels commemorating the Schuman Declaration, the document that gave birth to the European... more
Body: Ramallah, 19th April, 2010 -  EUPOL COPPS’ Head of Mission, Henrik MALMQUIST, attended today’s culinary contest organized by the Palestinian Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities in the village of Arura (central West Bank... more
Body: Ramallah, 16th April 2010 - EUPOL COPPS’s Police Advisory Section received a presentation on the Intermediate Leaders’ Course (ILC) given by James C. Whitington, as adviser to US Security Coordinator, Gen. Keith Dayton... more
Body: Ramallah, 13th April 2010 - EUPOL COPPS’s Deputy Head Of Mission, Ari Sarjanen, hosted a 3 member German Delegation composed by the new German Military Attache -based in the German Embassy in Tel Aviv- Captain at Sea... more