Body: In all interactions with our partners and counterparts in the Palestinian Security Sector and Justice System, EUPOL COPPS works consistently to promote gender equality, build capacities in the field of gender... more
Body: Combating violence against women in Palestine is an endless process, which must be advanced at different levels and through several parallel channels. This is why the Mission, last week, facilitated three specialized... more
Body: For all of us, safety and security plays an essential role in our daily lives. This also applies to the conflict affected Palestinian people. In the Occupied Palestinian Territories, women Police Officers of the... more
Body: The involvement of men and women in conflict zones are different. In these differences, women offer a vital perspective in the analysis of conflicts as well as finding ways to resolve them and build peace. Their views... more
Body: A fresh issue of the Mission’s Newsletter is available now. It features a “100 days in Office” mini interview with the Head of Mission and provides an insight in the nationalities and gender of the international staff... more
Body: In the context of activities aimed at strengthening the cooperation between the Palestinian Anti-Corruption Commission and the Palestinian Police, on the 3rd of January 2018 EUPOLCOPPS facilitated a workshop on criminal... more
Body: From 20 – 21 November 2017, EUPOLCOPPS organized a two-day workshop on money laundering for Palestinian judges, prosecutors, Palestinian police officers and financial analysts. The main aim of the workshop was to... more
Body: From 30 October – 03 November 2017, Four senior Palestinian Civil Police officers / Special Police Force (SPF) concluded a study visit to the Public Security Police in Portugal to further enhance their capabilities on... more
Body: On October 25 and 26, the Palestinian Judicial Institute (PJI), in cooperation with EUPOL COPPS and the Swedish National Courts Administration (SNCA), delivered a training on E-learning in Ramallah to judges and chief... more
Body: On 24 October 2017, Palestinian Civil Police officers performed a kidnapping and hostage-taking scenario training in Bethlehem, supported by EUPOL COPPS police advisers. Sixty police officers from the Central Operations... more