EUPOL COPPS statement related to the arrest of Fayiz Al-Sweiti

EUPOL COPPS has received a number of messages expressing concern about the arrest of Fayiz Al-Sweiti. 

The European Union is founded on the principle of respect for human rights and the protection of fundamental human rights is at the core of the advice and training we provide our Palestinian counterparts. Moreover, we follow the human rights situation in the area very carefully.

It should be noted however that EUPOL COPPS only works in an advisory capacity in the West Bank at a strategic level. The institutions of the Palestinian Authority take operational decisions independently, and EUPOL COPPS does not advise on nor take part in the day to day running of Palestinian matters. Nor can we comment on ongoing investigations.

We trust the Palestinian Authority’s institutions will operate in full accordance with Palestine’s international human rights commitments. To support this ongoing process, EUPOL COPPS remains committed to strengthening the human rights situation in Palestine via our advice and training.