EUPOLCOPPS supports Palestinian Police to raise awareness about hotline to combat domestic violence

EUPOL COPPS provided hundreds of stickers and notepads to the Palestinian Civil Police's Family Protection Unit on 29 June 2020 to raise the awareness of Palestinians about a new hotline set up to report incidents of domestic violence. The Mission also financed a short video to educate the public about the new service and to encourage people to come forward and notify the police about such incidents. “There is evidence that the lockdowns resulting from the Covid-19 pandemic have led to a rise in domestic violence,” said Ferdinand Koenig, EUPOL COPPS Press and Public Information Officer. “The new telephone hotline is one way in which the Palestinian Civil Police are addressing this challenge and we are happy to be supporting our partners to tackle this important issue”. The hotline will be staffed by police officers trained to handle domestic violence and is designed to provide enhanced police support and protection for victims. The 2500 items donated to the police, which come in the form of fridge magnets and car stickers, carry several messages such as ‘Say Enough to Violence’ and ‘Together we can fight domestic violence of all kinds’. “The aim is to reach a maximum number of people and let them know about the existence of the hotline. These are extremely useful items that will help us in raising public awareness. We say to the public that the police is ready to help and to contribute to solving problems,” said Colonel Jihad Haj Al, Deputy Head of the Family Protection Unit.