The Coordinators Portal: inter-institutional cooperation for better provision of justice

In a bid to further enhance daily online work of the Palestinian judicial institutions, EUPOL COPPS Mission delivered computers and software to the Palestinian Judicial Institute (PJI) and the High Judicial Council (HJC).

Getting information and vital services to Judges and citizens digitally has never been more important than during the COVID-19 pandemic. Last week’s delivery would allow the two parties to share the training needs for the justice sector.

Wearing a face mask and gloves, Head of EUPOL COPPS Mission Kauko Aaltomaa and PJI Director Kifah Sholi, signed a donation agreement providing the PJI and the HJC with software to develop judicial training in e-learning and to conduct training.

“The new portal software will help both institutions to collaborate more, to increase the amount of training provided electronically and the number of trainees, which will hopefully have an impact on situations like the current pandemic”, Aaltomaa said.
Given the COVID-19 restrictions in previous months, the Mission resorted to an on-line mechanism to implement its activities with all the Palestinian counterparts, including the PJI and the HJC.

The agreed proposal is the integration of the HJC Training Department into the currently existing E-learning platform of the PJI, through software development.

This new “Coordinators Portal” software will allow training coordinators in both institutions to define the training requirements, nominate the trainees, launch the training, administer the grades obtained.
“This donation will definitely facilitate our work and it will make a tangible difference in regard to our performance,” Sholi said.

The PJI, one of the Palestinian justice institutions that the Mission supports, was established in 2008 to develop the capabilities of the judicial sector.