Measures adopted by EUPOL COPPS in response to the COVID-19 pandemic

As part of the ongoing measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19 and protect members of the public, all but essential EUPOL COPPS staff members have been working from home since 8 March 2020.

In consultation with the local authorities, as of 23 March 2020 the number of staff members with access to EUPOL COPPS headquarters in Ramallah has been reduced further to only those deemed critical to maintaining critical infrastructure and ensuring business continuity.

EUPOL COPPS will do everything in its power to protect the health of its staff, as well as all those they come into contact with. Staff members have been instructed to abide by the regulations put in place by the host authorities and provided with guidelines on how to minimise the threat of contracting or spreading the virus. The Mission is monitoring the situation closely and staff are in regular contact with the relevant authorities.

In the interests of continuing to deliver on the Mission’s mandate to support policing and rule of law reform, advisers are in communication with their Palestinian counterparts via e-mail and telephone. Wherever appropriate, and wherever this is not in conflict with the emergency duties of Palestinian law enforcement and rule of law institutions, strategic advice continues to be delivered remotely. Suspended security sector and rule of law development projects will resume as soon as regular working arrangements restart.

The thoughts of Mission staff are with all those affected by the illness and with the healthcare and emergency workers who are working hard to combat the pandemic.