EUPOL COPPS training aims to increase police capacity to plan for complex events

Palestinian Civilian Police (PCP) officers responsible for overseeing the police response to mass events such as riots, demonstrations and sporting fixtures received a five-day training on handling complex operations while keeping people safe and protecting human rights from 29 February – 5 March 2020. The training looked in detail at how to plan at strategic and operational levels to ensure the adequate employment of resources and better performance during police operations.

The training took place for 19 Palestinian police officers, at the Special Police Force (SPF) Training Centre, in Nablus, and was delivered by EUPOL COPPS police advisers from Portugal, Sweden and The Netherlands, in close cooperation with officers from the PCP’s Bureau for Grievances and Human Rights, the Research, Planning and Developments Administration (RPDA) and SPF. Throughout, a multidisciplinary approach integrating different areas of police operations was emphasised, by involving trainees from the SPF, the Correction and Rehabilitation Centres Department (CRDC) and the Police Districts Operations Rooms.

“To fulfil their duty to serve citizens and the community, the performance of police services depends a great deal on their strategic and operational planning capacity,” said Carlos Pereira from Portugal, Senior Police Adviser for Special Police Forces at EUPOL COPPS. “Better preparation and planning capacity is an essential requirement for modern law enforcement agencies. During this workshop, we worked at all levels of planning to improve the PCP’s capacity, in particular to manage complex and critical events”.

The adviser from the Portuguese National Republican Guard added, “This training event included exercises with several different scenarios like major security operations, demonstrations and riots, prison security planning and police response to emergency situations, always focused on the protection of citizens and respect for human rights. Our aim is to prepare planners to develop detailed operational planning concepts for the police in complex operations, focused also on coordination measures when several security forces are involved”.