EUPOL COPPS delivers training for Palestinian judges on cryptocurrencies and cybercrime

In order to support Palestine’s efforts to combat cybercrime, EUPOL COPPS delivered a training for 6 Palestinian judges on 15 February 2020 on the risks posed by cryptocurrencies and the dark net. The objective was to provide a comprehensive overview of the ways in criminals use new technologies to avoid being noticed by law enforcement authorities.

The training was delivered in cooperation with the Palestinian Judicial Institute and requested by the participating judges themselves following previous EUPOL COPPS trainings on cybercrime.

“The judges who asked for the training wanted to enhance their knowledge of cryptocurrencies, so that they can adjudicate cases involving new forms of payment more effectively,” said Dr Michele Tarlao, EUPOL COPPS Adviser on Anti-Narcotics and Organised Crime.

The expert from the Italian State Police added, “Criminals and terrorist groups are becoming more sophisticated in the way they operate online, including using different cybercurrencies in an attempt to avoid scrutiny of their activities. An understanding of the way these mechanisms work and the implications of these new technologies on judicial proceedings is therefore crucial”.

The four-hour training provoked engaged discussions among participants. The Palestinian Judicial Institute and the trainees are looking into the ways in which the knowledge obtained during the training can be spread further within Palestine’s judicial institutions.