EUPOL COPPS survey aims to enhance staff performance within prosecution system

At the annual conference of the Public Prosecution of Palestine’s Administrative Staff, held in Jericho between 19-21 December, a session was dedicated to the question of how to enhance the performance and motivation of administrative staff.

A key focus for discussion was a survey developed by EUPOL COPPS in coordination with the Office of the Attorney General. The results were presented at the conference by Ahed Touqan, public prosecutor and Majdi Jafar, Legal Advisor at EUPOL COPPS. “Administrative staff are key to the functioning of the prosecution system. Without them, cases would not be able to progress, and this is why it’s important to find out what challenges they face, with a view to providing a more effective service,” said Mr Jafar.

“The questionnaire we developed with our colleagues in the Office of the Attorney General looked into respondents’ knowledge and opinion of the laws and regulations relevant to their work, the work environment within the public prosecution office, as well as the development and preparation of staff. The results we received will be extremely useful in enhancing the services provided by administrative staff in Palestine’s public prosecution system,” the EUPOL COPPS Legal Advisor continued.

The survey was delivered to five district prosecution offices and respondents included administrative staff as well as the chief district prosecutors. The results of the survey and the discussions held during the annual conference in Jericho will contribute to the ongoing practical support delivered by EUPOL COPPS and other international donors to strengthen the effectiveness of rule of law institutions in Palestine.

During the conference, Akram Khatib, the Attorney General of Palestine, stated that he was satisfied with how the survey was conducted and announced that he intends for it to take place on a regular basis.