EUPOL COPPS trains Palestinian police to gather information about crimes more effectively

A four-day training held in Jericho from 8-11 December for 15 officers from the Palestinian Civil Police (PCP) focused on key elements of information-led policing and how to train others in these skills.

“Information-led policing is a technique that requires police officers to develop a close understanding of the communities they serve and develop trusted and sustainable relationships with them that help keep the public safe from crime,” said Jose Santos, Senior Police Advisor at EUPOL COPPS. “If executed well, information-led policing provides a more accurate picture of facts on the ground and enables more effective decisions about where to allocate manpower and resources. Our hope is that by using these new skills fully, our Palestinian colleagues will be able to strengthen their relationships with their communities and build public trust in their work”.

The training was requested and organised by Lieutenant Colonel Shadi Jabareen from the PCP with the full support of EUPOL COPPS advisers from Estonia, Finland and Portugal. The Palestinian police officers that took part in the training came from the Department of Information, which takes the lead on information-led policing, the Criminal Investigations Department (CID), the Antinarcotics Department and the Tourist and Antiquities Police Department.

A major component of the training focused on giving the trainees the skills to train their colleagues in information-led policing in the future. It was the first time that EUPOL COPPS has organised a course in information-led policing along such ‘train the trainers’ principles. This course sets the stage for a lengthier ‘train the trainers’ programme for the PCP, which is currently being discussed and is expected to be delivered in 2020.