EUPOL COPPS training supports safer prison environment in Palestine through improved risk management

A training for 17 management level officials from Palestine’s penitentiary system was organised by EUPOL COPPS from 3 – 5 December 2019 with the aim of supporting safer prison environments through improved internal inspections and management of risks.

The three-day training was delivered with the support of an expert from the Swedish Prison and Probation Service. Palestine conducts inspections of its correction and rehabilitation centres once a month. How these inspections are conducted and the reports that are produced after them are extremely important in managing safety and security in prisons as well as prisoner wellbeing.

The training was designed to support a more strategic use of internal inspections and reports, including a greater focus on identifying and managing potential risks. The training followed up on a similar seminar delivered in April this year. The most recent training provided more advanced content on risk management and made a closer link between the risk management framework and regular inspections of correctional facilities.

“By applying risk management processes, Palestine’s Correction and Rehabilitation Centres Department will be able to use its existing resources more effectively to achieve desired results. There is now a structure that is well practiced within the group that will give the participants the tools to identify, analyse, assess, evaluate and treat risks within their organisation,” said Albert Gegaj, Assistant Governor of the remand prison in Kalmar, Sweden, who joined EUPOL advisers from Sweden and Belgium to deliver the training.

With the support of EUPOL COPPS, Palestine’s Correction and Rehabilitation Centres Department is planning to modify the template they use for inspecting their facilities to integrate some of the international best practices discussed during the training.