Head of Mission first meeting with the newly appointed Director of the Palestinian Judicial Institute

On 06 November 2019, EUPOL COPPS Head of Mission, Kauko Aaltomaa, paid his first visit to the new Director of the Palestinian Judicial Institute (PJI). Judge Kifah Alshouli was appointed on 08 October 2019.

He draws on 20-year-long experience in the judicial career crowned by his secondment at the Supreme Court of Palestine in 2019. The PJI Director explained to the Head of Mission his vision of the future of the institution, towards reinforcing the leading role of the PJI as only judicial training institution and enhancing the capabilities of all Palestinian Judicial Institutions, including judges, prosecutors and clerks.

The Head of EUPOL COPPS congratulated the new director for taking the new post and further expressed the willingness of the Mission to maintain the long lasting support to the Institute. The PJI, one of the Palestinian criminal justice institutions that the Mission supports, was established in 2008 to develop the capabilities of the judicial sector.