Head of Mission: launching of the Electronic Reference for the Official Gazette “a remarkable milestone”

On 31 October 2019, The Legislation and Advisory Bureau, Diwan, launched the Electronic Reference for the Official Gazette, a massive legal database, accessible for legal professionals, academic personnel and any Palestinian from the society.

The Diwan is responsible for preparing, drafting, reviewing and editing legislation before being approved and issued by the competent authorities and published in the Official Gazette. The publication of the Official Gazette, which is issued periodically, is the sole responsibility of the Diwan. The Official Gazette is the only official resource of any legislation in Palestine. The launching event, which won a lot of fanfare, was attended by top Palestinian Authority officials and head of EUPOL COPPS Mission.

The Diwan compares the draft legislation against the Basic Law, International Conventions as well as with other existing legislation to ensure that the draft legislation does don’t contravene with such tools. EUPOL COPPS, which has organised the event, supports the establishment of a transparent and participatory legislative process through providing strategic advice to relevant institutions for the initiation and adoption of legislation related to criminal justice, including the Diwan.

During the ceremony, Kauko Aaltomaa, the Head of EUPOL COPPS Mission, said that the launching of the Electronic Reference for the Official Gazette was “a remarkable modern milestone towards a transparent and clear legislative process.” He added that: “There is now a transparent, official and reliable source of legislation.”