Community Policing and civil society organisations

One of the three pillars of the Palestinian Civil Police Community Policing Strategy in Palestine is “partnership”. On Tuesday 15 October 2019, the PCP together with EUPOL COPPS and the British Support Team (BST) organized a workshop on Community Engagement in Ramallah District.

The aim of the workshop was to have the Palestinian Police engage with Civil Society Organizations in Ramallah and to explore mutual expectations.

Fifteen Police Officers from Ramallah District and approximately 30 members of the Ramallah Civil Society attended the workshop.

The outcome of the event is that Civil Society Organizations acquired more knowledge on Community Policing and that the Palestinian police is more aware of the challenges they face when serving the community in Ramallah. Both the PCP and Ramallah Civil Organisations plan to convene their first meeting soon in order to discuss the way forward.