Raising motorists awareness to cut on road accidents

On 16 October, 2019, EUPOL COPPS Mission hosted a workshop on road safety for 16 Palestinian Civil Police (PCP) officers who serve as the District Heads of the Traffic Branch from all the districts of the West Bank.

The participants were presented with valuable information on the work and structure of the Danish Traffic Police (both at the National and District levels) by EUPOL COPPS Senior Police Adviser Traffic, Supt. Erik Nielsen. Col. Znaid Abu Znaid, Head of PCP Traffic Department, gave a thorough presentation on the work and structure of the Palestinian Civil Police Traffic Police (both at the National and District levels).

He touched upon the methodology for risk assessment and data analysis and comprehensive and standard approaches to develop and implement District Traffic Operational Plans. The session on operational plans included procedures and methods for using documentation, risk analysis, data analysis, planning, initiatives or actions, and leadership.

The participants enjoyed lively and important discussions on common traffic and road safety issues, the prioritization of resources, and logical and practical solutions to address these issues. EUPOL COPPS played an important role in the planning of this workshop and in presenting on Danish and European Union standards and procedures. The ultimate goal is to raise people’s awareness on road safety to minimize causalities of road accidents, which have left about 100 fatality this year.