Good Performance Evaluation yields effective human resources management

On October 01, 2019, the last in a series of Performance Evaluation workshops was held at the EUPOL COPPS mission headquarters for 34 Palestinian Civil Police (PCP) officers.

The participants were the District Heads and Deputy Heads of Branches from the central district of the West Bank, including Criminal Investigation, Correction and Rehabilitation Centres, Anti-Narcotics, Central Operations, Family and Juvenile Protection, Guards, Grievances and Human Rights, Judicial, Tourist and Antiquities Police and representatives of the Inspector General, Public Relations Office, and the Assistants to the Chief of Police for Northern Districts and Human Resources.

During this wrapping up session, the attendees were presented with the components of the performance evaluation model used within the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, best practices and its positive aspects for PCP. This information is valuable for the development and importance of assessing employees’ behaviors and how they contribute to the overall strategic and operational goals of the PCP, and how performance evaluation can contribute to more effective human resources management.

The officers received the performance evaluation template which is being tested under a pilot project in Salfit and Tulkarem Districts. Follow-up sessions will be held in the upcoming weeks in several districts to consult further with the workshop participants on their experience and observations with the performance evaluation template. EUPOL COPPS played an important role in the planning of this workshop and in presenting on Canadian human resources management and performance evaluation standards and procedures.