Information-Led-Policing is key in crime prevention

Information-Led-Policing (ILP) is a concept used to enable the police to direct their law enforcing activities proactively in order to prevent and handle crimes, threats or disorder more efficiently.
In order to increase the awareness of the of the benefits of the ILP as a modern approach to law enforcment, the Head of Department of Information (DoI) in Palestinian Civil Police (PCP) and EUPOL COPPS Advisers arranged a workshop on Tuesday 30 July 2019 at the Mission premises .

In the opening speech, the Head of Police Advisory Section, Mr Pekka Kokkonen stated that in 2014 first ILP expert was appointed to the mission and workshops started to take place within the PCP. Also other milestones have been achieved in last years.

The Department of Information was established in spring 2017 and the ILP for the PCP handbook was launched this spring. The workshop was rounded up with good and fruitful discussions related to the current situation, advantages and disadvantage of the concept as well as giving proposals how to further develop the cooperation to increase the flow of information between DoI, the PCP departments and the 11 districts.

The workshop gave an opportunity for the participants to meet and discuss the subject in relation to their area of responsibility. The outcome will probable increase the bilateral cooperation within the PCP departments. EUPOL COPPS Advisers pointed out that the introduction of a new ILP management model requires a change in culture, mind-set and behaviour within the organization and senior management is key player in the process.

The implementation of ILP concept is common project for the whole PCP and departments can support each other on this. EUPOL COPPS continues to give support to the PCP until it has achieved the self-sustainability and adopted a culture of information gathering, analysis and sharing in the organization in order to intensify the decision making processes in crime prevention, investigation and other pertinent matters.

ILP is also referred to as Intelligence-Led-Policing.