Head of EUPOL COPPS meets Minister of Justice

EUPOL COPPS Head of Mission Kauko Aaltomaa held a very fruitful meeting with the Palestinian Minister of Justice Mohammad Shalaldeh on 06 August 2019 and discussed ways to further support the criminal justice institutions.

Both expressed satisfaction on the cooperation that had been taking place to develop the Palestinian Justice sector since 2008. But they also underlined the need to restore the credibility of the judicial sector before the Palestinian population.

Following the three presidential decrees reorganising the Judiciary, Minister Shalaldeh insisted on the importance of Rule of Law for the new government and explained the new process that was launched in order to reform quickly and significantly the Judiciary. He asked EUPOL COPPS to support the subsequent new training needs.

He also assured that the 72 recommendations on fair trial conveyed by the EU mission to the Ministry of Justice will be dully considered. The Head of Mission, together with the top management of the Rule of Law Section, insisted that EUPOL COPPS stands ready to support progress of Rule of Law in the occupied Palestinian territory, and insisted on the importance to associate civil society and international advisors to ensure efficient reforms benefitting the Palestinian citizens.