Palestinian justice sector institutions develop communication strategy

For the past four months, EUPOL COPPS has been in the lead of a training and coaching programme aiming at capacitating communication practitioners representing the three major Palestinian judicial institutions in order to develop and draft communication strategies.

A Finnish communications consultant has held several training sessions for 10 participants representing High Judicial Council, Ministry of Justice and Attorney General Office. Supported by these coaching sessions , each institution developed and adopted its own communication strategy and consequently one strategy already got the approval of the designated organisation’s top management and became operational.

During the drafting process, the teams have been working closely with their senior managers to ensure buy-in at the highest level as the new strategies were refined and finalized. “I’m delighted to witness the commitment and enthusiasm of the communication professionals of Palestinian justice sector.
The highly dedicated teams didn’t only draft communication strategies for their organisations but they created a professional network within the sector and formed common visions on future cooperation opportunities.,” said the Finnish expert Anu Virtanen.

Their commitment to “citizen first” approach and aspiration to unite and communicate with one voice ultimately improves the service delivery of the justice sector and simplifies daily lives of Palestinian citizens, she added. As a result of the communication strategy, the participants created tools to avoid duplication and enhance cooperation and future joint communication efforts between the institutions.

For that end, a WhatsApp and Facebook applications have already been established. In the world of communication, if you have the best beautifully crafted strategy but you cannot tell the public about it, then you cannot implement it, says Press Officer Mohammad Al-Saadi, who has been managing the project on behalf of the Mission. “So during this project the participants got both,” Al-Saadi added.

The programme is part of the Mission mandate to enhance the communication skills of the counterparts. A similar communication scheme was delivered to the Palestinian Civil Police in the past.
“Communication is the center of every aspect in our life. You can’t execute strategy if you can’t communicate about it.” –explains Press and Public Information Officer Hasse Resenbro. For the Finnish communications expert, the three teams have beaten her expectations: “During the training period, I have dealt with a very dynamic and dedicated teams who have realized that each communication activity has to reflect the overarching strategy of the organization. Communication is leadership”.

Photo caption: representatives from Palestinian criminal sector in the middle, Finnish expert Anu Virtanen (left) and Press Officer Mohammad Al-Saadi