Equipment for Palestinian Police for In-Service Training

The “In-Service” trainings are a model of training delivered at the local level, allowing Palestinian Civil Police officers to benefit from training programmes while serving in the units they are assigned to. this efficient use of available resources would contribute in enhancing further the capabilities of the PCP officers.

In order to contribute to achieve this goal, EUPOL COPPS handed over training equipment to the PCP on Wednesday 29 May. The delivery included spike belt kit, police duty belt and pouches, flashing orange LED light, handcuffs, training mattresses, stop signal and check point signal.

Hundreds of police officers from all the 11 districts are expected to take part in the training programme that will be held in their respective districts in the near future. In recent years, EUPOL COPPS has introduced this kind of training which draws on efficient use of available resources. The model is already working in some districts.

Photo:EUPOL COPPS police advisers together with Palestinian Police officers inspect the shipment of equipment at the PCP warehouse in Bitounia