"Our counterparts are the key guarantors for the protection of human rights"

Our Palestinian counterparts, in the police and in the criminal justice sector, have a significant role when it comes to human rights. They are the long arm of the State, responsible for upholding justice and law and order. They are also the key guarantors for the protection of human rights.

According to the Missions Human Rights Expert Jeff Hoppenbrouwers, it is crucial for a state in development, to respect, protect and fulfil human rights from the earliest stages in order to build in resilience and have sustainable progress.

The Mission’s Human Rights Experts are working closely with our Palestinian counterparts to mainstream human rights in all their actions. We have supported the police with the development of a credible accountability system and the justice institutions to make the justice system more independent, impartial and accessible, including the right to a fair trial for all.

Read more about our work to bring a human dimension into the state building process in the latest edition of the EUPOL COPPS Newsletter, available here.